Khānsa (RA) and her sons’ bravery
Khānsa (RA) was the best poetess in Arabic. No woman in history has written such poetry as her. She embraced Islam in Madinah.During the time of ‘Umār (RA) in 16 A.H. the famous battle of Qadisiyyāh was fought between the Muslims and the Persians, Khānsa together with her four (4) sons took part in this battle. On the eve of that battle, she(RA) gathered her sons and said;"O, My sons! You embraced Islam and emigrated of your own free will. By Allah, beside Whom there is no God, you all are the sons of the same father, just as you are the sons of the same mother. I never betrayed your father. I never allowed a blot to come on your high birth nor polluted your pedigree. You know what rewards Allāh has promised for those who fight againtst the disbelievers in His path. You must remember that the everlasting life of the Hereafter is far better than the transitory life of this world. Allāh has said in the Qur’ān;O ye who believe! Endure, outdo all others in edurance, be ready and observe your duty to Allāh, in order that Ye may succeed. [3:200]When you get up tomorrow morning, be prepared to contribute your best in the battle. Go ahead into the enemy lines, seeking help from Allāh. When you see the flames of war rising high, get right into the center and face the enemy chiefs. Inshā’Allāh you will get your abode in Paradise with honor and success.”Next day, when the battle was in full swing, all her 4 sons advanced towards the enemy lines. One by one, they attacked the enemy, reciting the words of their mother in verses and fought until all of them were martyred. When Khānsa (RA) got the news, she said;"Alhamdulillāh. Glory to Allāh Who has honored me with their martyrdom. I hope that Allāh will unite me with them under the shade of His Mercy."These were the mothers during the lifetime of Muhammad ﷺ,they would exhort their sons to go into battle, jump into the flames of battle and when they become martyrs, they glorify and thank Allāh! 
For indeed, these women have understood that this dunya is nothing compared to Jannah, that their struggles here in dunya has prepared them a humble abode in Jannah. All Praises to Allāh! All Praises to Allāh!How much of our women can be that of Khānsa, who would prescind her emotions for the Path of Allāh? Subhan’AllāhChapter 10: Women’s courage & Spirit for IslamFaza’il-e-A’maal 

Ancient Egyptian art, Dynasty XIX

 No doubt time and its movements are strange. It has left the tail with us taking away the head. There is no change in the movement of day and night But they do change the human life.Khansa , Egyptian poetess  (c.575-c.646)


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